Agile Threat Modeling

Threagile enables teams to execute Agile Threat Modeling as seamless as possible, even highly-integrated into DevSecOps environments.

Threagile is the open-source toolkit which allows to model an architecture with its assets in an agile declarative fashion as a YAML file directly inside the IDE or any YAML editor. Upon execution of the Threagile toolkit a set of risk-rules execute security checks against the architecture model and create a report with potential risks and mitigation advice. Also nice-looking data-flow diagrams are automatically created as well as other output formats (Excel and JSON). The risk tracking can also happen inside the Threagile YAML model file, so that the current state of risk mitigation is reported as well. Threagile can either be run via the command-line (also a Docker container is available) or started as a REST-Server.

Threagile was released at Black Hat Arsenal 2020 and DEF CON 2020 AppSec Village conferences.

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